Expectations Agreement

Hello, we’re so excited to work with you!

Supporting you and your business growth is what we love to do – seriously, we’re always celebrating our clients’ wins, we can’t help it!

Please carefully read through the following agreement.

This will help set the expectations so that you know exactly what working with your B Allied team looks like, what will be expected of you and what can be expected of us. Our commitment is to deliver the best service and support.

Here’s to the amazing journey we’re about to embark on together!

Just so we’re on the same page, you should know that here at B Allied, we are not magicians.

We cannot read your mind or the future (although if we could it would certainly help us all!)

We don’t know how you like to be supported until you tell us. Communication is the key to a successful relationship, and we want to be able to support you in creating a fruitful relationship with your B Allied team.

Communicating With Your Team

In the spirit of not being magicians, sometimes your Business Specialist may not complete the task in the way that you envisioned but communication can clear that up!

The best thing to do is to provide clear expectations and details to help your Business Specialist understand your processes and how you work. Communicating with your Business Specialist is all part of the process of them becoming more in-tune with you and your workflow.

Some key ways to do this:

 Your Business Specialist will create a timeline of your projects, so make sure to review this with them. They can help guide you on how long things take so the timeline is both realistic and achievable. Unrealistic timelines can lead to disaster and stress, and none of us wants that.

 Communicate clearly what your vision is and how they should be checking in with you daily, weekly or by task.

 Your Business Specialist will schedule regular check-in calls at the start of the project. Show up to your check-in calls. If you need to reschedule, let them know 24hrs in advance so they have ample time to offer an alternate time in their schedule.

We have never promised that our team members will come in on the first day and do everything perfectly, so you should not expect perfection. We also cannot guarantee results, but we always offer our best quality work.

Instead, know you have a capable and excited Business Specialist team member who has been chosen for their skill set and how it might benefit your particular project and business vision.

Some projects may require more than one Business Specialist or Tech Associate supporting you to get the job done. Which is exactly what you want when you have many moving parts that all require attention and a special skill set. Our leadership team will be connected to your project to provide additional support, but if you know in advance that a project and/or task is coming up that may require more than one team member, please reach out to support@b-allied.com.

Deadlines and Scope-based work

We understand that your projects and work have deadlines and can’t drag out indefinitely. However, B Allied cannot be bound to your deadlines if we know the scope of work will exceed the time frame you have in mind. For example, if you have a project with a deadline in three days, and the work required would take your Business Specialist longer than that to complete, we cannot be held at fault for the project being behind schedule.

We’ll do our best to meet your deadlines whenever possible, but we will also communicate when that is not possible and offer an alternative deadline or solution.

Your Business Specialist will remind you of the agreed upon deadlines and what they need from you, to make sure your projects are completed on time.

What We Need From You

As an entrepreneur or small business owner there are things you know about your company that we don’t. That means there are going to be things you will need to bring to the table. Your branding colors, fonts, graphics and website or email content are very personal to you and what you are creating. You play a critical role in your project strategy as well as how it is executed. These items can affect your project timeline and budget if they aren’t delivered to your Business Specialist on time. Now in saying that, we do have a fantastic design and copy team that can work with you to develop your branding and content if you are stuck and don’t know where to start. Just let us know in advance so they have the time to do an amazing job for you!

Each project is a collaboration between you and your Business Specialist and it’s important that we clearly outline roles and responsibilities throughout the project. By clearly identifying who is in charge of what pieces of the project up front, will create a happy and healthy project flow.

Speak up if you need anything. There are a lot of ways we can help. Just send an email to support@b-allied.com and we’ll find a solution!

Quality Control

I think we can agree that two eyes are better than one. And two brains are smarter than one. That is why your Business Specialist will let you know when tasks have been completed and ask you to review them. They always do their best to make sure everything is done correctly, but as in all things, they are not perfect. None of us wants things missed or done incorrectly, so that extra check by you is crucial. If you see an error, just let your Tech Specialist know and they will get it fixed quickly! If you choose not to check it, then while it’s never our intent, that mistake may go out to your audience in emails or on webpages.

Expectations on Refunds

See our Refund Policy here: b-allied.com/refund-policy

We don’t offer refunds for anything related to scope, deadlines, your customers’ experiences, and the like. We are not responsible for the results of an event or promotion or how well you or your influencers/speakers or audience show up in any promotion or event.

We do however offer to swap your Business Specialist for a better match at any time. That’s no problem! Just let us know and we can take care of it.

What We Do and Don’t Recommend for the best working relationship


 Ask your Business Specialist what their working hours and schedule are. Try to give your Business Specialist a schedule that you are available as well. This will make it possible to create a routine and a workflow together. Doing this will help spot breakdowns as well as celebrate and enjoy the freedoms of investing in support!

 Understand that sometimes people get sick, power goes out, tech platforms glitch, and things happen. In these cases, know that we’ll always prioritize making sure deadlines are not missed and your project is supported!

 Communication is key. Speak up if you need anything. We have a lot of ways we can support you if you need something from us or additional support on your team.


 Don’t expect your Business Specialist to get everything right the first time, they are human after all and mistakes will happen.

 Don’t expect technology to always cooperate. We are expert technology wranglers, but it can take time, extra sets of eyes, and a calm happy demeanor from everyone. We swear technology knows when everyone is frazzled, and it acts up even more! Let’s get our Zen on.

 Don’t wait until the last minute to let us know something is wrong.

 Don’t expect your Business Specialist to be available to you or respond during the hours they are not working for you or on your project. If you have an after-hours emergency, email support@b-allied.com for help.

 Don’t expect instantaneous replies when they are active in your project. People sometimes need space to think through a problem, step away for a snack, or refresh and reset to tackle the rest of the day.

 Don’t micromanage your team. It can be easy to want to make sure every minute of their time spent on your project is with 100% efficiency, we totally get it! Our suggestion, check-in once or twice a week to see how things are going. Do your best to stay informed and in communication, without preventing your Business Specialist from making uninterrupted progress. You and your Business Specialist will have regularly scheduled meetings near deadlines and at the start of new projects.  Those are the optimal times for coordination and clarifying your vision for your project. If something changes or you have questions, then let’s get on a call earlier.

 Don’t disrespect, degrade, intimidate, or threaten anyone on our team. Profanity isn’t acceptable. If any of this happens, we will quickly part ways with you.