DO’s and DONT’s for Website Design: How Great Design and Clever Copy can help you Attract, Engage, and Convert the Buyers you’re after

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Your website is one of the primary ways your customers find your business and learn more about you. But unless you’re a designer or copywriter, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing how to create a website that attracts your audience, provides a stellar user experience once they reach your site, and clearly conveys the value you bring to them.

Join our free webinar to learn why killer design, usability, and copy are the magic formula for keeping visitors on your site longer, reading your content, clicking your calls to action, and ultimately taking the next step in your sales process. You’ll learn:

How design impacts your ranking on Google to get people on the site in the first place
What Google looks for when ranking your site in search engine results pages
Why your copy must be clear, concise, and clever enough to entice people to keep reading and clicking
How to take your site from being buried in search results to getting listed on page one
How great design and copy work together for a seamless user experience

As a special bonus for attending, you will receive,