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You Bring the Vision. We Bring the How.

As a coach, you share life-changing information with entrepreneurs in your programs who are on a journey to start a business.

They’re committing time, money, and sweat equity. You’re doing the same by sharing your specialized knowledge and expertise with an eager startup crowd.

And what you may find with many of them is that while they’re coachable, they’re quick learners, and they leave your program with all of the know-how needed to get started…

For many of them, they stop short of taking the next step to realize their dreams.

Why does this happen?

Your small-business clients each have unique goals as well as challenges, but in working with entrepreneurs over the years, we’ve found there are some common roadblocks that get in the way of their success (no doubt you’re seeing firsthand how many of them struggle with these pitfalls). These include:

  • Unfamiliarity with business and marketing software
  • Inconsistency with content creation
  • Difficulty making an impact with digital ads
  • Inexperience with web design and development
  • Lack of digital marketing knowledge, including SEO, email marketing, and funnels

Top it all off with the time constraints that are so pervasive among emerging entrepreneurs, and you have a recipe for failure before even getting out of the gate.

And all the knowledge, strategies, and resources in the world aren’t going to help them overcome these challenges.

That’s Where B Allied Comes In.

With our one-of-a-kind referral program, we empower you to send your clients our way once they’re ready to take the reins and get up and running — but still need some help navigating the technology and marketing tools required to successfully launch and scale their businesses.

Why send your audience to us? You earn a 10% commission on every referral who joins our program, allowing you to earn even more without any extra legwork involved. Simple as that.

Here’s how it works:

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    Through our partnership, you bring your coaching clients to the finish line, and we’ll take it from there — helping them implement all of the ideas you’ve coached them to create. In short, once clients have “graduated” from your program, you refer them to us to take the next steps.

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    We take the strategies you craft with each business owner and bring them to life, ensuring they are on the road to success in their business and in your coaching programs and helping them avoid common mistakes. At B Allied, we understand the tech requirements of building businesses, and our Business Specialists have experience with a wide variety of marketing and business software — so your clients, and ours, will be well-supported.

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    Meanwhile, your time is freed up to focus on coaching not only your newer clients but also those in higher tiers who may need more individualized attention.

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    Once clients are successfully building the strategies you helped them develop, we send them back to you for your next higher-level programs and they stay with you for the long term.

    Why It Works

    Through our partnership, together we can increase each client’s success rate by giving them the technical support they need to build the strategy you’ve helped them develop.

    As clients begin working with us, we continue to empower them not only to reach their goals that they established in your program, but also to reach for new heights. In our work with small-business clients like the ones you are coaching, we are seeing them rapidly launch and scale — and once they get a taste of success and begin achieving the results you’ve coached them toward, they are even more eager to continue their learning journey.

    From there, we encourage them to keep setting new and higher goals by joining your next program, so they can continue their upward business growth (and so can you!). This leads to increased client retention rates for coaches, as clients feel truly supported through every step of the process and are motivated to buy into your higher-ticket programs.

    Happy Clients =
    Repeating Clients For You

    We reinforce YOUR coaching philosophy and strategies and keep the business owner moving forward

    You will receive a 10% Affiliate Referral payment for every client purchase

    We understand the tech requirements of building businesses and at B Allied, our Business Specialists have experience with a wide variety of marketing and business software so your clients, and ours will be well supported.

    We focus on helping business owners reach their goals and their potential.

    Your clients are learning your strategies for growing their business, we will reinforce what you teach.

    You’ve seen the Struggles…

    As a coach, you know all too well the struggles that your clients experience on their path to entrepreneurship.

     You’ve seen them quit too soon or stop short of the massive success you know they are capable of…

     And you wish you had the right trusted partner to help them with some of the logistics involved with starting a business.

    That is what we do best: partnering with coaches like you to create win-win-win scenarios for everyone involved. That includes you as the coach, your clients, and us as your referral partner.

    Think of it this way: Your clients are already sold on your program. Why not up the chances of their success even more by referring them to us, earn a commission for yourself while you’re at it, and increase the odds of them wanting to work with you again on bigger goals?

    You’re a good fit

    for our Partnership Program if:

    •  You are a business coach or influencer who connects with the small-business community.
    • You have an established business with an audience who loves your coaching but also needs help implementing the strategy and vision they create from it. If you are not there yet, no worries! We would still love to talk about other collaboration opportunities and bring you on as a partner when you are there!
    • You understand the power of referral marketing and how it can be a game changer for you and your clients.
    • You run your business with both passion and integrity, always.

      Next Steps:


      1. Apply for our partnership program by filling out the application below.
      2. Qualifying coaches will receive a partnership affiliate link and promotional materials. Not quite there yet? We’ll still open the door to a conversation about our future potential for working together.
      3. We’ll set up a quick call to meet with you and learn about your coaching philosophy and the strategies you teach so that we can build it for each business owner.
      4. You share the program with your clients: Tell them about the benefits of joining our program and send them to your affiliate link.
      5. Every successful new client sign-up through your link earns you 10% commission!

      That’s it!

      Ready to take the next step? Fill out the application and let’s go from there.

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      Apply Now

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      Happy Clients = Repeating Clients For You

      You get affiliate $$$
      for every client purchase

      We learn your program(s) tech requirements to help your clients succeed

      Your clients learning from you

      We build your tech

      We reinforce YOUR messaging
      and keep your clients moving forward

      What services do we offer?

      PPC and Social Ads Management

      Sales and Marketing Funnels

      Web Design and Development

      PPC and Social Ads Management

      Sales and Marketing Funnels

      Web Design and Development

      Email Marketing

      Organic Lead Generation

      Social Media Management

      Email Marketing

      Organic Lead Generation

      Social Media Management

      Next Steps

      Apply for our Partnership Program

      Receive Your partnership affiliate link and promotional materials

      Share with your clients

      You bring the vision, We bring the how